Make Your Neighborhood Council an Official Member of the Citywide Alliance!

The Los Angeles Citywide Alliance of Neighborhood Councils has been an important forum for community activists throughout the City.  The large and diverse turnout to its meetings is an indicator of its relevance.

 With the growing number of certified councils, the steering committee of the Alliance would like to change the structure of the organization to make it more effective.  First, we would like to formalize the organization by creating memberships and second, begin to address policy issues facing the City.


At this moment there are no members of the Alliance. Our meetings consist of activists from neighborhood councils throughout the City, but they do not speak on behalf of their council.  That is one o the primary reasons why the Alliance does not take votes.

 We would like to change that. We are asking that each neighborhood council adopt the attached resolution and assign an individual to represent the future your council as a delegate.  The Delegate will have a voice in planning of the Alliance and participate in the governance of the association.

There is no cost or dues to join, just a commitment to participate.  We will continue to conduct our gatherings every other month, and everyone is invited, even encouraged to attend.  The newly adopted By-Laws of the Alliance can be found by clicking here.


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