City Watch



Volume 3 Issue 9
August 23, 2005

bulletCity Council goes dark early
bulletMayor reaches out to NC's

Volume 3 Issue 8
August 16, 2005

bulletNC's silent on DWP-IBEW contract
bulletThree New BONC Commisioners

Volume 3 Issue 7
August 9, 2005

bulletGreater Wilshire Election Challenges Denied
bulletIs Padilla Sending a Message to NC's?

Volume 3 Issue 6
July 12, 2005

bulletNew Deputy Mayor Larry Frank
bulletInsider Edition

Volume 3 Issue 5
June 21, 2005

bulletBONC indecision disappoints on File Number issue
bulletFixing LA's sidewalks

Volume 2 Issue 21
November 30, 2004

bulletCity Watch Combines with Alliance, CBS 
for Televised Mayoral Debates
bulletThe Experiment is Over: 
NCs are Here to Stay

Volume 2 Issue 21 Special
November 30, 2004

bulletCity Watch Mayoral Debates will be Telecast Live:

NCís will Provide and Ask Questions

Volume 2 Issue 20
November 2, 2004

bulletNeighborhood Putting Big $$ Squeeze On LA Filmmakers
bulletNC 2nd Election Voter Drop-off:
Outreach Failure or Phenomenon?

Volume 2 Issue 19
September 28, 2004

bulletWhen is a Lobbyist not a Lobbyist?
NCís Want to Know
bulletCongress Highlight:
NCís Growing Ability to Influence

Volume 2 Issue 18
September 28, 2004

bulletNo Quorum. No Meeting!
One President Resigns Over the Issue
bulletLA Gets a New City Clerk:
What Does It Mean to NCís?

Volume 2 Issue 16
August 31, 2004

bulletNC Support for Inclusionary Zoning in Short SupplyI
bulletDoes BONC Have the Teeth to Take a Bite out of Failing & Dysfunctional NCís?

Volume 2 Issue 15
August 12, 2004

bulletIraqis study neighborhood councils
bulletNC DWP Negotiations Go Slow

Volume 2 Issue 13
July 1, 2004

bulletWhen is a tax not a tax
bulletDWP, the City's ATM

Volume 2 Issue 12
June 14, 2004

bulletSunshine Canyon Letter was Extortion
bulletDWP Still Not Clear on Neighborhood Councils

Volume 2, Issue 11
June 1, 2004

bulletMore Citywide Issues
bulletWhy do Neighborhood Councils Flub Elections
bulletIs the DWP MOU Working?

Volume 2 Issue 10
May 17,2004


Warning Memo: Millions May be Lost

                to LA in State/Fed Actions  


Mayorís Budget Sails Through Council


Saturdayís NC Congress a Benchmark

Volume 2 Issue 9
May 2, 2004

bulletNC's Join the Debate on Inclusionary Zoning
bulletDWP, Audits and Rate increases

Volume 2 Issue 8
April 19, 2004

bulletYou Can't Take Politics out of budget process
bulletNext Executive Director of EIDC interviewed

Volume 2 Issue 7
April 5, 2004

bulletBig Victory for NCs
bulletNEW Feature: NC Watch

Volume 2 Issue 6
March 22, 2004

bulletWater Rate Increase Opposition  Hardens.
bulletCultural Affairs Surviving the Budgetto.

Volume 2 Issue 5
March 8, 2004

bulletCultural Affairs to be Cut
bulletInterview with BONC Commissioner Stone
bulletDWP v. NC Water Wars

Volume 2 Issue 4
February 23, 2004

bulletBanning Commissioner Fundraising:
More Light Than Heat
bullet Water Rate Opposition Grows: Will It Matter

Volume 2 Issue 3

bulletMore Councils Weigh in on Rate Hike
bulletNo such thing as Free Garbage

Volume 2 Issue 2
January 26, 2004

bulletProposed  Water Rates
bulletThe Mayor Manages

Volume 2 Issue 1
January 13, 2004

bulletState is from Mars, Budget Betrayal
bulletNC Score Power Points

Volume 1 Issue 10

bulletYear in Review

Volume 1 Issue 9

bulletStorm Clouds Over Budget

Volume 1 Issue 8

bulletBroken Budget
bulletHow did we get into this Mess

Volume1 Issue 7

bulletPeople  Power, Who Can Afford it
bulletCommunity Impact Reports, Going in Two Directions


Volume 1 Issue 6
November 17, 2003

bulletCity Budget Problems even with VLF
bullet101 Corridor Revisited

Volume 1 Issue 5
November 3, 2003

bulletWill Neighborhood Councils be Spared the budget Axe
bulletAlliance Still Working

Volume 1 Issue 4
October 20, 2003

bulletTax for Police Trial Balloon
bulletNews Rack Coalition

Volume 1 Issue 3
October 6, 2003

bulletLose Your Car in LA
bulletRecalling the Recall

Volume1 Issue 2
September 22,2003

bulletLAX Master plan
bulletVehicle License Fee
bulletCouncil member Smith's Public Works Proposal

Volume 1 Issue 1
September 9, 2003

bulletCouncil Actions Could Impact NCs
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