Jan. 25, 2003



Save the Date for Saturday morning, January 25th, 2003 for our next forum on the development of Neighborhood Councils at Los Angeles City College, Faculty Center.  Our agenda, 9:30am to 1:30pm,  looks like this:

Welcome & Introductions - Mark Siegel

Morning Session

OPEN MICROPHONE, How can we help Each Other?      

Where's the Money???
Teamwork LA
Early Notification
Reaching the Unreachable 
Meeting Techniques

Response By Greg Nelson
    DONE General Manage

Workshop Breakout - Mentoring

Experienced Neighborhood Council Leaders helping Emerging NC Organizers

Keynote Speaker

Councilperson Jan Perry, 9th District

Followed by a dialogue with the audience

Lunch Session        

City Departments and Neighborhood Councils  A discussion of the future relationship between Neighborhood Councils and the existing City Bureaucracy. 

Wayne Tonda, General Manager
Department of Transportation 

Followed by a dialogue with the audience

Save the Date, January 25th.



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