Janaury 21, 2012



Save the Date for Saturday morning, January 21st, 2012
 for our next forum on the development of Neighborhood Councils at Los Angeles City College, Faculty Center.  Our agenda, 9:30am to 1:00pm, is as follows (Click here for Directions):

Welcome - Noah Modisett


Neighborhood Council Elections

Solving the elections mess is particularly significant to the long term health of Neighborhood Councils. 

Now, the funding for the Clerk to handle the elections has been eliminated from the Budget. How does that work? Obviously, it doesn't. Deputy Mayor Larry Frank will be at the forum to address the question from the administration's point of view. We have also invited BongHwan Kim, DONE's General Manager, to discuss how DONE will approach the elections, now that the City Council is in the process of approving an ordinance to transfer responsibility for the elections back to the Department.

Followed by a dialogue with the audience. 

City Council District Mapping

Ten years ago, the NC system was still in its infancy and didn't have much to say as the lines were being drawn. The situation is different now. While the boundaries of NC's are drawn to far different criteria than the Council districts, there should be a significant effort to match Council Districts to NC boundaries where that can readily happen. The only way that will happen is if the NC make a strong showing in the process.

Michael Trujillo from the City's Redistricting Commission (and a political consultant who makes his living dealing with these kinds of issues) and Councilwoman Jan Perry will both address the forum next Saturday about the process of drawing the new lines.

Followed by a dialogue with the audience. 

Lunch Breakout Sessions

Save the Date for January 21st.  Please note that parking is now available off of Heliotrope in the new parking structure (Lot 3 Faculty & Staff Parking).  Parking may also be available in the lot and structure at Marathon St. and Vermont.  Click here for directions.


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