July 19, 2003



Save the Date for Saturday morning, July 19th, 2003 for our next forum on the development of Neighborhood Councils at Los Angeles City College, Faculty Center.  Our agenda, 9:30am to 1:30pm,  looks like this:

Welcome - Noah Modisett

Morning Session

Introductions Plus

Each Neighborhood Council will be asked to provide a brief statement about their biggest accomplishment and the toughest road block they've encountered so far.  A listing will be tallied at the meeting so each NC can take back a sense of the state of the overall program.  

Response By Greg Nelson
    DONE General Manager

Workshop Breakout - Focus Groups

        Moderator - Tisha Bedrosian

The group will break out into issue oriented focus groups to discuss specific NC concerns and practices, including elections, outreach, and community group dynamics. 

Followed by Reports from each focus group to the general meeting. 

Issues Action Network 

A Report from the newly organized Issues Action Network

Followed by a dialogue with the audience

Lunch Session       

Greg Nelson will discuss the upcoming, revamped Budget Day on July 26th, to  provide insight as to what the Mayor will be expecting from each NC, and what the NC's can expect from the City Departments.

    Save the Date, July 19th.

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