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The following pages are intended to provide profiles of the diverse and discrete neighborhoods in Los Angeles.  Neighborhoods come in all sizes and flavors.  Some may only be a few blocks long, while others may encompass square miles, yet each has it's own distinct look and feel. 

We are attempting to catalog neighborhoods  by region following the geographic breakdown established by the Planning Department for Area Planning Commissions, as outlined on the previous page.

Since this is the Beta version of this site, we are starting out with pages containing generic pictures and text depicting only a few of the City's neighborhoods.  We are asking visitors to this site and neighborhood leaders from around the City to submit a brief description of their local community, including the generally accepted boundaries, along with one or two photographs that capture the unique qualities of the neighborhood.  We will then add a page for your neighborhood.

To submit a description of your neighborhood, click here

To SEARCH information about a Neighborhood Council contact for  particular community or neighborhood, go to the SEARCH Form.


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