Nov. 17, 2001



Save the Date for Saturday morning, November 17th, 2001, for
our next forum on the development of Neighborhood Councils.
Our tentative agenda, 9:30am to 1:30pm, looks like this:

Welcome & Introductions - Richard McMinn

Morning Session

Council President Alex Padilla has been invited to
offer his view of Neighborhood Councils

Neighborhood Councils Pre-Certification Funding

                        André Delattre

                       Followed by a dialogue with the audience

Potential Fund Raising Sources

                               Xandra Kayden - Moderator
                               Lon Burns

                        Grassroots Funding:
                                Ross Hopkins

                                Followed by a dialogue with the audience

Greg Nelson, newly appointed General Manager of the Department of Neighborhood Empowerment will deliver the keynote address relating his vision for the development of Neighborhood Councils in the overall framework of City government.

                Followed by a dialogue with the audience

Lunch Session

Boundaries and Conflict Resolution:

                        Nature of the Problem:

                            Mark Siegel

                        Mediation Services:

                            Avis Ridley-Thomas

                            Followed by a dialogue with the audience with the audience
                            where the audience members have an opportunity to offer
                            suggestions as to how the Commission should deal with these
                            type of situations.

THE DATE, November 17th

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