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The Alliance is a work in progress, as are the neighborhood councils it is intended to facilitate and support.  

The Alliance is presently lead by a Steering Committee made up of fourteen (14) members (two representatives from each of the seven (7) planning areas within the City.

At the present time we are in contact with over 90 Neighborhood Councils in formation from all corners of the City.  For a list of the Neighborhood Councils in formation click here.  We are asking each Neighborhood Council to adopt a Resolution of Membership in the Alliance and appoint two formal delegates.    

The purpose of the Alliance is to open lines of communication between Neighborhood Councils all across to the City to share information and experiences; to make available information regarding the legal framework, responsibilities, and possibilities to each and every Neighborhood Council, either in formation or Certified; and to interface with the Department of Neighborhood Empowerment on common issues which impact the Citywide System of Neighborhood Councils.

The Alliance operates under the umbrella of People for Livable and Active Neighborhoods in Los Angeles (PLAN/LA), which is a state chartered non-profit corporation under IRS tax code section 501.c.3. 

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